Art as Research

This is an ongoing endeavour that is set in multiple research projects. The aim is to implement artistic practice as a method, means, and communication tool for research.

Some of these projects are:

“Consumption Portraits”
A video performance project focusing on the interdependence of representation and consumption. The project addresses the following questions: what is the identity of consumption? What is the consumption of identity? How are these different and how are they the same? See video here.

A project focusing on identity politics in contemporary consumer-oriented culture. The project will specifically address the role of technology and social media in the fragmentation and distancing of one’s experience of self. This is a work-in-progress; an interactive art installation was shown in summer 2018. See image here.

“Performing Fantasy and Reality”
Set within a performance methodology, this study maps out how individuals engage with the embodied and negotiated performance of fantasy in contemporary culture. The ethnographic and art-based research suggests that fantasy can be seen as a different type of interpretation of normalised performance and reality.

The study has mainly used painting as part of the art-based methodology. These have been shown at various conferences and exhibitions.

“Capitalist Peace”
An art-based research project done in collaboration with Aureli Broeckerhoff on the use of market liberalisation at a means on peace building in conflict areas. See the installation here.

“Looking for home in the third culture”
The aim of this research is to explore how individuals understand and build up the idea of home within a context, in which home is natural or straightforward. The study looks at how third culture kids, that is, individuals who have spent a significant amount of their developmental years moving from culture to culture, understand and approach the idea of home. This approach will expand our understanding of the role of home in contemporary society, which is becoming increasingly globalized and fragmented, meaning that we will all be facing homelessness. I plan to implement art-based research methods; namely creating artwork together with interviewees and based on interviews.

Please follow up for more information and outcomes!

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