Chemical Perfectionism

Mixed media on board, 46x38cm


A self-portrait and study of how various chemical substances influence how we perceive the world and how others perceive us. We are used to talking about various products modifying our appearance. However, there are so many “invisible” forces that change our identity, character, and mood.

I was shocked to realise how much even “normal” medication, such as thyroid and pain medication, as well as hormonal contraceptives completely change my moods, characteristics, and emotions, practically changing me as a person. Having noted this to people, I have heard so many similar stories.

Then why do we never speak of these things publicly?

Why are we still heavily pushed to take certain medications by both the medical community and society, if they may become detrimental?

Which is the “real” self: the one on medication that makes me more “normal” or the one off any chemicals that may wither away?


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