Props and Set Design for “Guards! Guards!”

I am back in the world of theatre! I am in charge of making props and set design for Terry Pratchet’s “Guards! Guards!” performed by Thespians Anonymous. Will also be playing the small role of Death.

If you’re in Helsinki, check out the play here!

Some preview of props in progress:


Busy Autumn

The autumn has been and will continue to be super busy!

I’m currently preparing for a gallery show I will take part in. It is organised by Helsingin Taideyhdistys and will take place 24.11.-2.12.2015 at Kaapelitehdas in Helsinki, Finland. I will be showing three paintings that have focused on the topic of construction of self in contemporary western society.

Also have begun working on a couple of new research projects, one focusing on aesthetics as part of qualitative research and another exploring the life experiences of Third Culture Kids (being one myself).

Art projects at the moment are focusing on concepts of nostalgia, capitalist peace, and human capital.


Late Spring In Arkansas

Summer is on its way. And spring is so full of colour! Especially this year, as I am spending it Arkansas, where the flowers and trees are just bursting in exotic shapes an colours! This is not something that I’m used to and it has been inspiring me to do a lot of landscapes, which I have not done in a while. Time is flying fast in Arkansas with a lot of new ideas and inspirations for both art and research. I’m currently busy with a few painting commissions, my dissertation work, as well as getting ready for a talk on aesthetics in June. I will also be showing some of my work at the Fayetteville Underground in late June. More info to follow!