Research as Art

One of my biggest passions at the moment is creating art based on the academic research that I have been conducting or reading. Painting has helped me figure out theory, understand my own empirical data and theoretical ideas, as well as represent to others what I am thinking.

I’ve also done a few commissions in this area for others’ research.

Fantasy Experiences Series

Based on my dissertation work. The series of paintings was aimed to help me figure out as well as visualize the analysis of my empirical data, which focused on exploring different experiences of fantasy.

The project is also linked to the following article

Exploring Fantasy

Also connected to my dissertation work. These pieces were more supportive and processual, aiding me in figuring out my research questions, theoretical lens, as well as emergent issue of identity.


Actor-Network Theory

Modernity and Post-modernity

…especially in relation to issues of Self and Identity Construction



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