Ongoing Research

Lived Fantasy: Performing Live Action Role-Playing Games: 

An ethnographic project set in a performance methodology that explores the lived, bodily experiences of fantasy in the context of live action role-playing games.


Aesthetics in Consumer Research: 

A theoretical project focused on mapping out the concept of aesthetics in connection to consumer research and consumer culture.


Art-Based Research Methodologies: 

A methodological project focused on developing art practice as part of academic research.


Consumption Portraits: 

An art-based research project focused on individuals’ self-representation and search for self-value through consumerism.


Multiculturality, Cultural Clash, and a Sense of Home in Consumer Culture: 

A research stream based in several research projects and research sights that is focused on exploring consumerism in connection to cultural fragmentation, increasing mobility, contexts of cultural clash, and individuals’ understanding of a sense of home.