Väliaikaisuuden keskellä (Within Non-Permanence) – art exhibition on at Galleria 4-Kuus in Helsinki

Welcome to to Usva Seregina’s and Anni Ekström’s art exhibition “Väliaikaisuuden keskellä” [Within Non-Permanence]! The art exhibition opens on 24.11 at 5PM-7PM in Galleria 4-Kuus (Uudenmaankatu 4-6, Helsinki). The exhibition is open until 21.12.! Please see some photos from the opening night below.

Moments come and go, continuously building and developing a stream of impressions and sensory experiences. Is there an understanding of themselves and their own place in the world about these ideas, experiences and memoirs? Through her paintings, Usva Seregina explores important, colorful memories; moments that have defined her awareness and consciousness. These moments may seem ordinary and everyday but are extremely powerful and influential. How do different moments define our self? Why do some of the experiences remain with us as important pillars of understanding? How do they affect our views on society and the world? Are the memories even intact or truthful? Does it matter if their power remains?

Where does the power of senses and memories come to an end? Death is an experience that awaits us all, but also a topic that we have abandoned in modern society. Death has become a taboo subject we want to forget and avoid. Anni Ekström examines death as an everyday and earthly theme through her sculptures. She wants to understand death as part of life and bring it closer to us. Why do we live so far away from an issue that connects us all? Is death really so different from life? Is it really so scary? Could we not approach this mystical, distant subject more archaically?

The paintings and sculptures create a conversation among one another. Past and future experiences collide; both always transformative, unstable, non-permanent.

Usva Seregina is a multidisciplinary artist and a researcher who is interested in the structures and norms of society, their impact on individuals and communities, as well as the questioning of these structures. As an artist, Seregina works through paintings, installations and performance. As a researcher, she works in the fields of consumer culture research, sociology, performance studies, and art-based research. Seregina’s artistic work and research are strongly linked to each other and support one other. At present, the main themes of her work are fantasy and imagination as part of contemporary society; aesthetics and consumer culture; communities, belonging and being left out. Seregina is currently working in Helsinki and London.


Anni Ekström is a Helsinki-based sculptor born in 1988. At the moment he is working at Santala, near Hanko. Ekström is a metalsmith and visual arts artisan. Anni Ekström is fascinated by various materials, exploring them and experimenting with them. Specifically, various metals are close to her heart. The smell and feel of iron make her feel at home. As a craftsman, Ekström is accurate about her materials and their use. In her work, Ekström explores human and animal rights as well as issues of equality.



Anni ja Usva Avajaiset 140.jpgAnni ja Usva Avajaiset 142.jpgAnni ja Usva Avajaiset 077.jpgAnni ja Usva Avajaiset 042.jpgAnni ja Usva Avajaiset 045.jpgAnni ja Usva Avajaiset 021.jpgAnni ja Usva Avajaiset 009.jpgAnni ja Usva Avajaiset 003.jpg


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